Storage, conservation, evaluation, and sharing of corpora

Team leaders: Michel Jacobson, Carole Etienne

One of the goals of our group is to establish a synthetic documentation to organize the discussion in order to make clear our needs to contributors and to share with the community information concerning solutions which allow for linguistic corpora (written, oral, and multi-modal) to be preserved, as well as supporting material or the results of research in our domain. To do this, we aim to to make use of the expertise of our partners in the project (the COCOON platform, ORTOLANG, as well as the BnF’s sound collections). The objective of ORTOLANG is to standardize and assure the preservation of efforts undertaken by the Centres de Ressources Numériques sur la langue (Center for Digital Resources on Language) CNRTL (National Center on Textual and Lexical Resources) and SLDR (Speech and Language Data Repository).

Information on the use of metadata to be stored (and the FAIR principles) are available on our site on the Metadata page.