Repository, storage, evaluation and sharing of corpora

Team leaders: Michel Jacobson, Carole Etienne

One of the consortium’s objectives is to establish a synthetic documentation, to stimulate dialogues in order to bring up the needs of the service providers and to disseminate information to the community regarding possible ways to ensure the sustainability of language corpora (written, oral and multimodal), as well as research results in our fields.

To do this, we propose to rely on the expertise of project partners (COCOON, ORTOLANG, the BnF sound collection service).

ORTOLANG objective is to standardize and ensure the sustainability of the efforts undertaken through the CNRTL (Center for Digital Resources on Language) and SLDR (Speech and Language Data Repository) Digital Language Resource Centers.

Information on the use of metadata for storage (as well as FAIR principles) is available on our website – see Metadata page.

Participation in the July 2019 Digital Humanities Conference

Utrecht (Netherlands)
– Presentation of CORLI: Poster
Presentation of FAIR data in linguistics

Participation à la journée “Interoperability and sustainability of research data: FAIR principles in practice. Feedback from experiences”.

Paris, November, 27, 2018