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Topics we can cover:

  1. Data/corpora: data sharing and access (available depositories and databases)
  2. Manuals: annotation guidelines and available manuals for corpus analysis
  3. Tools/methods: available methods and tools for corpus analysis and exploration
  4. Metadata: metadata standardization procedures and recommendations
  5. Legal issues: legal issues related to corpus management and use, guidelines, intellectual property, consent forms etc.
  6. Formats: format conversion and available software for language processing,
  7. Trainings: training opportunities and webinars
  8. Other: any other topic related to corpus linguistics, crosslinguistic studies, multimodality, computational linguistics, etc.

The development of a thematically categorized FAQ (Frequently asked questions) page addressing common concerns in these topics (e.g., copyright, research ethics, research design, data collection, automatic analysis) will further contribute to information access (under construction). Through this proactive service, users of the CORLI K-Centre platform will have the possibility to access most knowledge through the website of the center, and alternatively through the FAQ where other landing pages will offer the possibility to redirect to related content (e.g., to ERIC, CLARIN, TalkBank, etc.) and thus continue the journey ideally without the need for outside assistance.

In cases of such requests for assistance, the CORLI K-Centre has already planned a complementary reactive knowledge sharing service, established thanks to a pool of researchers and data specialists who can provide further information, if needed. The way you interact with our webpages and the quality of the provided knowledge are closely related and of vital importance to us. For this reason, a contact form has been integrated to the platform offering you the possibility to contact the Centre directly.