CORLI Centre K CLARIN (Corpora, Language & Interaction)

CORLI (Corpus, Language, and Interactions) is a network of French universities, research laboratories and researchers specialized in linguistics, aiming to promote the use of corpora in linguistic research.

CORLI can provide answers and recommendations on several subjects:

  • Data sharing and access (where is it possible to find data, how to manage, share, and disseminate data)
  • Annotation guidelines and available manuals for corpus analysis
  • Available methods and tools for corpus analysis and exploration
  • Metadata standardization procedures and recommendations
  • Legal issues related to corpus management and use, guidelines, intellectual property, consent forms.
  • Format conversion and available software for language processing,

CORLI offers expert advice from a panel of experienced investigators, provides resources to enhance the quality and reporting of linguistic and related research, supports junior and early stage researchers in their training and development, and encourages FAIR data creation, edition and reuse. All these actions are described in our website. CORLI is a validated CLARIN K Centre (see CLARIN certificate).

Our team is also maintaining a FAQ (Frequently Asked questions) page addressing common concerns in topics related to corpus linguistics.

If the FAQ section does not answer your question, you can address your questions to the steering committee of CORLI here:

Contact form

Our team of experts is doing its best to treat the requests within two working days.

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