Interactions with CLARIN

With the aim of presenting ERIC CLARIN, the CORLI group (Huma-Num) organized a day of workshops the 5th of September, 2017, in an effort to bring together members of the scientific community who are interested in the problems related to corpora and language data. ERIC CLARIN is a European organization whose objective is to unite all European actors concerned with language data, for any language, and with the purpose of making that data accessible to all disciplines. France joined CLARIN in 2017 as an observer, it seems useful today to discuss what participation in CLARIN has brought to the French community. Why and how is it possible to invest in CLARIN, either on an individual level or as a collective?

  • To answer these questions, the workshop was organized into three parts:
  • a presentation from the French organizations that maintain or intend in the future to establish ties with CLARIN (Human-Num representing French participation, and the CLARIN centers Coccon, SLDR, and Ortolang).
  • A presentation from four European researchers, each from a member-country of ERIC CLARIN who came to (in French) discuss their experiences and illustrated the kinds of possible collaborations within the existing infrastructure:
  • A round table, bringing together all of the invited participants and members of the public closed out the day and highlighted the way in which participation in CLARIN can happen, or how to take advantage of the possibilities inherent in the infrastructure (in terms of classing the available linguistic resources, for example). (Summary)

To see the possibilities that CLARIN offers, the best thing to do is visit their website and try out the various tools they developed which can be used by linguists: