GP5 – Annotation

Coordination: Amalia Todirascu (Université de Strasbourg), Julie Glikman (Université de Strasbourg), Lydia-Mai Ho-Dac (Université Toulouse Jean Jaurès) and Christelle Dodane (Université Montpellier 3)

The work group “Annotation” has as its mission thinking about best practices for the management of an annotation project, from the conception of the project up to the point of agreement between annotators, including the use of tools of annotation.

The notion of annotation includes all processes that add layers of linguistic interpretation to raw data. This definition includes a diverse range of linguistic objects which may be a part of any corpus (morpho-syntactic, syntactic, semantic, and discursive analysis) but equally specific to a certain kind of data (phonology, prosody, disfluences, manuscript traces, gestures, etc.)

A primary goal of the “annotation” group is to cross these different levels of annotation by creating classes on the effective management of annotation projects and on extant annotation tools and encouraging the publication and distribution of annotation guides (see the Classes page on the CORLI site).

A second objective of the group is establish uniform practices for annotation projects through workshops on various themes (the building of a guide to annotation for different problem-cases, the use of annotation tools, after-project reports including annotation projects). A result of this work will be the publication of a “guide of guides to annotation” laying out the broad strokes for carrying out an annotation project, amply filled with examples from extant guides.