GP1 – Interoperability/Practice and Corpus Exploration

Team Leaders: Carole Etienne, Céline Poudat and Christophe Parisse

Uses, Tools, and Annotation

This work group aims to be a place of contact and exchange between interested researchers interested in the annotation, exploration, and analysis of their written or oral corpora. Once a corpus is built, naturally the question of methods and tools that can be used to explore it arises. Theoretical and Methodological questions related to the activity of corpus annotation, the theoretical and practical contributions of annotated corpora in corpus exploration and in the development of tools will be presented in the form of seminars and workshops to round-out the classes on annotation software, as well as best practices (recommendations of the TEI, etc.).

Tools and Formats

The interoperability of oral corpora is today confronted with variation in language use and tools available to our laboratories but even more so with variation in practices regarding the use of these tools. We seek to coordinate thinking and to share solutions to develop a way of using these tools which guarantees the interoperability of corpora in order to render them useful over the long-term. This work will benefit from a common pivot format, developed by the IRCOM and Ortolang, in order to enrich it as new needs come up and develop new exploratory tools based on that standard format, and with the ability to search metadata and different layers of annotations.

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