GP2 – Multimodalities and New Forms of Communication

Responsables Céline PoudatMarie-Anne Sallandre et Ciara Wigham

  • GP CMC
  • GP LSF and gestuality

The “multimodality and new forms of communication” work-group is for any researcher who works on multimodality in its different forms, notably (but not only) those concerned with gesture, sign languages, multimodal actions in communication mediated by networks (CMR, cf. the CoMeRe project). It is also for communities outside of linguistics, such as education science or sports science.

The work consists in finding common and differentiating elements in the research agendas which belong to each verbal and non-verbal situation which are linked and to propose the most adequate answer while staying unspecific. In a parallel fashion, the problems posed by transcription systems for manifestations of expressions via the body (gestures, mimicry, posture, looks) will be investigated.

Answers, notably surrounding notational systems are encouraged so that biases inherent in notational systems and in glosses can be avoided. New kinds of corpus recordings (eye-tracker, Mocap, EEG) are taken into account in particular by encouraging the creation of classes in these techniques; classes available to the community.

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