Digital Research Infrastructure for Arts and Humanities. A European group whose goal is to promote and help with research based on information and communication technologies in the domain of arts and human science.


This operation consists in moving from an original data source, called analog, of film, sound recording, photography, sculpture, to data stored on a computer as a purely digital description. The operation applies in particular to VHS tapes, audio cassettes and film photographs, as well as to all old media of the “”magnetic tape”” type. In … Read more

DOI (Digital Object Identifier

A chain of characters used to identify, in a unique and permanent way, an electronic document, and in particular, a resource such as a corpus. While a URL may change, a DOI remains attached to a document and allows its identification over the long term

Dublin Core (DC

Dublin Core is a very generic metadata scheme for describing all kinds of resources. The scheme (normalized in 2003: ISO 15836) is used in particular by the OAI protocol which allows for “service providers” (for example search engines) to regularly check “repositories” so that their reference bases can be updated. This operation is known as … Read more