Gesture phase

Each gesture can be broken down into several gesture phases (Kendon, 1980) such as preparation (setting up of articulators), after which comes a realization phase (the significant part of the gesture, stroke), which can be preceded or followed by a hold (the articulators pause). Kita (1990) distinguishes the hold that precedes the realization phase, pre-stroke hold, from that which follows the realization phase, post-stroke hold. Some gestures are static and not dynamic and include preparation and a hold, but no implementation phase. Finally, either a second gesture follows directly on the first, or there is a retraction phase (return of the articulators to a rest position). This retraction may be partial if the manual configuration is no longer held but the articulators do not (fully) return to the rest position. The gesture can also include a flap and end with a slight rebound of the hand, or recoil.

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